Gifts for Gardeners

Gardeners may be the easiest people to have on your gift-giving list since their interests range from houseplants and herbs to landscaping, water gardens and vegetable production. Gift ideas can range in price from free garden help to high end power tillers with decorative containers and seed packets in between. 

Easy to find items such as gloves, small tools and a magazine subscription can be combined in a gift basket. For stocking stuffers consider nature-themed ornaments for pots, binoculars for bird watching, an Eco newspaper pot maker or a rain gauge.

For more ideas we visited Grogg’s Green Barn in Tulsa, a local resource for everything organic. They have squirrel-proof bird feeders with an outer wire cage where birds can perch and an inner wire cage where the seeds are placed. 

Grogg’s also has Water Right Featherweight hoses, Tumbleweed WormCafe above ground worm farms, Gorilla Grow Tents available as complete indoor growing systems and Rokz Spirit Infusion Kits.

Many grateful gardeners have received a truck-load of soil, composted manure or mulch with a certificate good for helping spread it where it goes.  Nature posters, note cards and framed photos of their garden might also be welcome. 

 For botany and butterfly lovers, seeds of native plants are always appreciated and they are often planted in the winter. Of course, sweatshirts with nature scenes and just about anything with flowers, birds, butterflies and scenery are possibilities.  Handmade items could include flowers dried and pressed between glass or framed, some of those newspaper pots for transplants or hand-painted rocks.

There are many choices for senior gardeners such as a rolling garden seat, a padded kneeling bench, a standing garden planter, a lightweight wheel barrow, ergonomic hand tools, a raised bed, telescoping tools and a water wand to reach plants with less stretching. 

Add in bird houses, bird food, a bird bath, bird bath warmer, garden membership, hand cream, loppers, or a garden apron and the choices seem endless.


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