Coody Creek Trail Muskogee

If you go
Coody Creek Trail - Bicycle and walking/running trail
lighted parking lot at the Bark Park, 2nd St. at Madison
One block southwest of South Main/Hwy 64 & Kalamazoo

Families and groups who enjoy walking, running and bicycle riding have several options in Muskogee.  The trail system is well-developed with paved surfaces, parking lots and water fountains.

The choices include several paved trails. Some are wide open and sunny and others are wooded and shady. There are also a few primitive, unpaved, trails that give you a feeling of a walk in the woods.
Muskogee Parks and Recreation Department has posted the trail maps online.  ( The first page illustrates the paved trail system and the second page is a guide to the three unpaved trails.

The newest paved trail, Coody Creek Trail, begins at Second and Madison Streets. There is plenty of lighted parking at the trailhead. Other features include a dog park, water fountain and porta-potty. 
Walkers and runners share the trail with bicyclists.

Coody Creek Trail is a little over a mile walk, ride or run from the trailhead to the spot where it dead-ends into Centennial Trail. There are a few places where the trail slopes, but it is mostly flat and wide enough to walk with another person.

You will enjoy wandering alongside Coody Creek and under the 6th Street overpass. At 6th St. just beyond the overpass, there is a bench where you can rest and enjoy the beauty. There is a walking path to 6th Street but no parking available there. 

The trail opens wide when it crosses Coody Creek and then it meanders into an area of native trees. 

As the trail winds to the right there are clusters of early daffodils blooming now. They are no doubt a remnant of an early home site.

At seven-tenths of a mile from the parking lot the trail crosses West Kalamazoo St. and continues up a slope to Centennial Trail.

If you turn right onto Centennial Trail South you will cross South 7th Street and walk through hardwood forest and end your walk in the parking lot of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

A left onto Centennial Trail will take you over highway 69 across an overpass and into Love-Hatbox Complex. From there you can take a fork in the trail to the right and go to the parking lot on Arline Ave across from the water park, or, continue to walk west onto Border Trail along Border Avenue.

From March 27th to April 2nd there will be a full week of free Walk, Run or Ride the Trails activities. You can go with family and friends or join a group every day at various trails. The list of organized events will include group bicycle rides, jogging, running and walking.

Information: Doug Walton 918-683-0321 and Brooke Hall 918-684-6302 X 1477


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