Seed Swap Feb 25 Tulsa

Seedy Saturday Seed Swap   Saturday February 25, 2017

 Oklahoma Sustainable Gardening and Butterfly & Pollinator Conservation Association
Saturday February 25, 2017
Tulsa OSU Extension office, 4116 E 15th St
10am till noon (or later).. 

Some FAQ I get are:

1.       (Q)  How do I bring seeds to seed swap:  (A) you can package in small envelopes or zip lock bags and write the name of the plant on the outside.  If you don’t have envelopes, not to worry.  I will bring a whole box of coin envelopes that you can use.  You can just bring your extra seed in bulk and put a pinch in an envelope and write the name on the outside.

2.       (Q) How do I trade or pass them out? (A) We will have tables set up and you can put them out for people to see and barter.

3.        (Q) I don’t have any seeds to swap, but can I still come? (A)  Absolutely.  There are plenty of seeds to share that won’t need a swap.  Everyone is welcome and I guarantee you will have a great time.

4.       (Q) What kinds of seeds can I bring?  (A) If a plant makes a seed and you have some and it’s legal to grow, you can bring them. Just use your good judgment. Our groups’ mission is to focus on butterfly and pollinator plants, but we also conserve heirloom plants and vegetables.  Diversity is more interesting.  AND you can bring plants and cuttings to trade or share as well.  We have had everything from Winter Hardy Palm Tree seeds to winter Onion offsets and all kinds of heirloom tomato seeds, herbs and flowers.

Last year we had a large group and I expect even more this year.  Hopefully the weather will be nice, and right now it looks to be fabulous. One year we even had a snow, but people still showed up. 

Seed Saving Network Green Country,
Gary Schaum


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