Order Seeds and Plants

It's time to buy seeds for your 2017 garden. Here's a list of companies with their phone numbers and websites for your ordering pleasure. If your favorite is not listed, please share it in the comments.

Whatever you imagine, online stores and mail order catalogs can help you plan and put it all together.

Seeds of many native plants, perennials, wildflowers, herbs and cold weather vegetables can be started any time through February and be ready to plant out in the garden after the last freeze.

When you know what will be on your list, check out a few vendors, their prices and shipping costs. Many offer free shipping for large orders.

If you are avoiding GMOs, order open pollinated and heirloom varieties. Vegetables in particular, can be easier to grow if you choose the disease resistant varieties.

Almost all the online and catalog stores have monthly email newsletters where they offer growing tips, sales and other useful information.  I set up a separate email address to keep them separate.

Many seed and plant suppliers are online only; companies that offer free print catalogs are marked with an asterisk.

Alpine Seeds, www.alpine-seeds.com (rock gardens)
Amishland Heirloom Seeds, www.amishlandseeds.com 
Annie’s Heirloom Seeds, www.anniesheirloomseeds.com, 800-313-9140 *
Artistic Gardens & Le Jardin du Gourmet, www.artisticgardens.com, 802-748-1446 (40c packs)
Baker Creek, http://rareseeds.com, 417-924-8917 *
Bluestone Perennials, www.bluestoneperennials.com  (plants) *
Botanical Interest, www.botanicalinterests.com877-821-4340 *
Bountiful Gardens, www.bountifulgardens.org, 707-459-6410 (grains, etc.) *
Chiltern Seeds, www.chilternseeds.co.uk (unique British selections)
Diane’s Flower Seeds, www.dianeseeds.com
Dixondale Farms, www.dixondalefarms.com (Onions, shallots, etc.) *
Easywildflowers, www.easywildflowers.com417-469-2611 (MO)
Eden Brothers, www.edenbrothers.com828- 633 - 6338
Evergreen Seeds, www.evergreenseeds.com (Asian vegetables) 
Ethnobotanical Catalog of Seeds, www.jlhudsonseeds.net (Seedbank of specialty seeds) *
Fedco Coop seeds and Moose Tubers, www.fedcoseeds.com, 207-873-7333 *
Garden Medicinals and Culinaries, www.gardenmedicinals.com, 540-872-8351 (herbs)
Gourmet Seed International, Italian Cook’s, Italian Seed, www.gourmetseed.com, 575-398-6111
High Mowing organic seeds, www.highmowingseeds.com, 888-735-4454 *
Hometown Seeds, http://hometownseeds.com, 888-433-3106 (wildflowers)
Jelitto Perennials, http://jelitto.com (German perennials)Johnny’s Selected Seeds, www.johnnyseeds.com, 877-564-6697 *
Kitazawa Seed, www.kitazawaseed.com, 510-595-1188 (Asian vegetables) *
Missouri Wildflowers, http://mowildflowers.net, 573-496-3492 * (MO)
Native Seeds, http://www.nativeseeds.org520-622-5561
NE Seed, www.neseed.com, 800-825-5477 *
Nichols Garden Nursery, www.nicholsgardennursery.com, 800-422-3985
Onalee Seeds, www.onalee.com (free shipping) 
Park Seeds, Jackson & Perkins & Wayside Gardenswww.parkseed.com, 800-845-3369
Peaceful Valley, www.groworganic.com888-784-1722*
Pine Ridge Gardens, www.pineridgegardens.com, 479-293-4359 (native plants) *
Pinetree Garden Seeds, www.superseeds.com, 207-926-3400 (herbs & supplies) *
Plant Delights, http://www.plantdelights.com, 919-772-4794 *
Prairie Nursery, www.prairienursery.com800-476-9453*
Renee’s Garden Seeds, http://reneesgarden.com  & Cornucopia Garden Seeds www.cornucopiaseeds.com (value-priced Renee’s seeds)
Richter’s Herbs Canada, www.richters.com, 800-668-4372 (Wholesale for Everyone) *
Sample Seed Shop. http://sampleseeds.com, 716-871-1137 (budget pricing)
Sand Hill Preservation Center, www.sandhillpreservation.com, 563- 246-2299 (heirloom chickens & seedbank)
SandMountain Herbs, www.sandmountainherbs.com (herbs, medicinals) owns www.herb-roots.com (plant roots)
Seed Savers Exchange, www.Seedsavers.org, 563-382-5990 (Seedbank)
Seeds from Italy, www.growitalian.com, 785-748-0959 (generous seed packs) *
Seeds of Change, www.seedsofchange.com, 888-762-7333 *
Select Seeds, www.selectseeds.com, 800-684-0395 *
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, www.southernexposure.com, 540-894-9480 (heat tolerant varieties) *
Territorial Seed, www.territorialseed.com, 800-626-0866 *
Thompson & Morgan, www.tmseeds.com, 800-274-7333 (British varieties)
Thyme Garden Herb Co., www.thymegarden.com, 541-487-8671 (organic herbs, flowers)
Tomato Bob Heirloom Tomatoes, www.tomatobob.com  & www.heirloomtomatoes.com.
Vermont Bean Seed Co, www.vermontbean.com, 800-349-1071 *
Whatcom Seed Co, www.seedrack.com, (palms, bonsai, cycads)
West Coast Seeds, www.westcoastseeds.com888-804-8820 *
Wild Things Nursery, www.wildthingsnursery.com  (OK native plants)
White Harvest Seed, www.whiteharvestseed.com, 866-424-3185 (heirlooms)

There are dozens more companies than I can be list here. Identify what you are looking for, search for it and find new providers. The more you order from a single source, the more you save in shipping.


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