Protection from the Cold

We love our cold-hardy Gardenias and worried that they wouldn't make it through the winter without cover.

Home made plant protection
For the past two winters, we've experimented with a cover of pine straw and soil but when we uncovered the shrubs in the spring, the leaves were still green but had fungal spots.

This year a cover was constructed to protect them from the worst of the cold temperatures, while allowing rain and sun to penetrate.

Wood frame wrapped with wire
Corners were stapled together
Here's how Jon did it.

A wood frame was constructed with wood scraps, stapled with a staple gun. The frame was wrapped with chicken wire.

The burlap was stapled to the wood frame and completely wrapped the wire frame. The plants still look good under there.

Re-purposed coffee sacks were draped

The burlap was stapled to the wood


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