Late Bloomer - How to Garden with Comfort, Ease and Simplicity in the Second Half of Life

"Late Bloomer - How to Garden with Comfort, Ease and Simplicity in the Second Half of Life" by Jan Bills,  is just out this month from St. Lynn's Press.

The author is a second half of life gardener, herself, She says in the introduction that this stage of life gardening is about simplicity, beauty and harmony, comfort and ease, celebrating life with food from your soil, relaxation and letting go, She is now a professional gardener!

“It is not about keeping up with others,” Bills said. “It excludes memorizing botanical names and identifying every garden insect or noxious weed (that’s what Google is for). Rather, it is an ongoing relationship, with deep and lasting experiences. For me, it is an opportunity to bring what I love to the garden; it makes me feel alive, rejuvenated and well. Gardens are my blank canvas, the one place to be fully expressed without limitation or prejudice. A garden is where hope is restored and relaxation is practiced.”

Three of Bills' sustainable practises: Reduce weeds by creating heavily planted garden beds; make the most of your water; and replicate a natural forest ecosystem in your garden space.

As advised by so many garden gurus, Bills says, "leave the leaves" to provide food and shelter for bugs and wildlife, to nourish the soil suppress weeds and protect plant roots over the winter months.

She provides basic design tips such as using plants in odd numbers, planting year-round interest, adding garden ornaments, creating a garden entrance, adding seating, color, texture and contrast.

The book is loaded with practical tips, photos, illustrations and humor. 140-pages in a 7 by 7 inch hardback book. What a great gift it would make!

$18.95 list price from St. Lynn's Press and $14 at Amazon.


Unknown said…
Thank you so much for the lovely review, Martha!

May all your gardens grow,
Jan Bills
Molly Day said…
Your book is terrific, Jan. You deserve credit for lots of heart and practicality. Hope your sales reflect the quality of the book. Martha

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