Soil and Health Library Online for YOU

Free, downloadable, e-books about radical agriculture,
natural hygiene/natural curse and self-sufficiency. 

The library’s topic areas connect agricultural methods to the health and
lifespan of animals and humans. 

The four areas in the The Free Digitalized Library are

*Radical Agriculture. * The nutritional quality of food determines the
health of animals and humans. Food quality is primarily determined by soil
fertility. This section includes key books that began the organic farming and gardening movement. 

*The Restoration and Maintenance of Health.*Ccollections on healing  disease and building/maintains health

 Several parallel approaches include natural hygiene/nature cure, iridiagnosis and naturopathy.

*Achieving Personal Sovereignty.* Physical, mental, and spiritual health
are linked to lifestyle. 

*Achieving Spiritual Freedom.

*Clippings and Miscellaneous.* Patrons have sent information and URLs with information and viewpoints. 

*Discussion Group**. *Yahoo-hosted e-mail forum a wide ranging discussion about how agricultural and gardening methods change the nutritional qualities of food, about the resulting health of the animals and humans that eat those foods, about the best ways to homestead, to grow your own food. This group is gently moderated by Steve Solomon.

I edited this but give 100% credit to Lawrence London who posted it on a conversation site I follow. 


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