Mums are Chrysanthemum, Dendrantha and Dendranthemum

 Cooling, fall, temperatures make us seek out mums and their incredible colors that stand out on the season's misty days.

 These new beauties from Blooms of Bressingham are cold hardy in zones 5 to 9. This first year in our garden they are blooming in October but evidently next year when they return they will bloom closer to August-September.
Radiant Igloo

Pumpkin Igloo
Pumpkin Igloo hardy mum is jaw dropping gorgeous in our flower bed.

On the B of B website they look more orange-rust colored.

They tolerate most soils but will fail if they are left to dry out.

Evidently the Igloo series has many colors. Click over to the link to see them all and choose some for your containers or flower beds.


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