Sedum - Cold Hardy Beauty for Your Garden

Sedum Autumn Joy reaching for the sun
A few years ago I read a book about gardening as we age. The author said that she had converted a formerly high maintenance flower bed to 100% Sedum Autumn Joy. 


Because it is beautiful three seasons of the year, attracts butterflies and skippers to the garden and in our climate it tolerates part shade. 

Sedum frosty morn
What's not to like?

Sedum frosty morn is also beautiful when it deigns to appreciate where I've planted it. Last year it tried to monopolize one bed so I divided it and put it around in other locations that seemed compatible. No, not actually, as it turned out. Now I'm very happy that I left this one piece where it originally was and will promise never to move it again.

Sedum tetractinum
Sedum tetractinum is a wonder plant under our oak and Osage orange trees. I know if I were a better plant mother it would look and spread even better but without water and fertilizer it does a beautiful job of holding the soil and covering up bare ground.

Sedum Lemon Coral is a relatively new introduction in the cold hardy sedum family. And, I love it's bright, cheerful lime-green coloring and mounding habit.  

The plant in between the Lemon Coral Sedum is some relative of portulaca that I can't quite place. I came to have some because we were walking down a sidewalk after lunch and it was hanging all over the place from a large planter. I brought a stem end home and now put it out every summer.
Sedum Lemon Coral with Autumn Joy

Sedum Autumn Joy - mid season

 When Autumn Joy flowers first emerge they are very light colors. Then as the summer progresses they begin to turn pink.

When the fall temperatures come down they become a dusty mid to dark pink color that is gorgeous.
Sedum Autumn Joy - early season
These are all cold hardy in our zone 7 without winter protection.

I'm sure there are many more but these have proven to be so reliable that I haven't ventured further.

Do you know of others?
Autumn Joy - late season


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