Kong Coleus in the shade garden

Coleus Kong Lime Sprite
In January, I started coleus seeds in the heated garden shed and the row of plants that resulted are in the photo below.  This particular plant was a new introduction from Ball Seed for 2015.

The seed germination rate was good and there were a few dozen plants to put out April 15th. About a fourth of the plants didn't survive the big world of record rain, wind storms, insect infestations and my failure to water as frequently as I should have.
However! I'm happy with the remaining rows of plants and will start soon taking cuttings of them to grown out in the shed over the winter got next summer. They should be larger and have better roots next year.

Here's a link to my January seed starting information. I had read that growing coleus from seed was easy and I now agree with that writer.

Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.

Update 11.03.15 All those Kong Coleus plants have been potted into containers so they can spend the winter inside our heated, full-spectrum lighted garden shed and replanted next spring. 


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