Wildlife in CA during the Level 4 drought

Our drought is just now relieved with 40-inches of rain in the first 7 months of 2015. We saw the results of a few years of drought in NE OK and they were sad to say the least.

In CA there is no relief in sight.

At the UC Botanical Garden, Daniel Mosquin reported on what he observed on one of my favorite botanical blogs, Botany Photo of the Day.

Here's a link to the well-worth-reading article -

A small constructed pond sits on the low side of UBC Botanical Garden's EH Lohbrunner Alpine Garden. This pond was absolutely "hopping" (bad pun intended) with activity on a hot day during an unusually dry July. Many Pacific tree frogs (Hyla regilla (PDF) were sunning themselves on the leaves of Nymphoides peltata. In the water were hundreds of tadpoles nearly ready to join them.
The frogs were a treat to see, but other signs of wildlife around the pond reminded me of the ecological importance of water. As I approached the pond's edge, I initiated a flurry of activity as water striders, birds and bees hurried to move away. For my part, I had to watch out for the coyote scat that lay along the mossy bank. This small pond is clearly an important source of refreshment in a region that is experiencing "drought level 4" (a level of drought at which the water supply is insufficient to meet ecosystem and socioeconomic needs).


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