Monday Tulsa - Sue Goetz -- author of: “The Herb Lover’s Spa Book”

Event is free and open to the public
Monday -- July 13, 2015  -- 7pm  to 8:30pm
Tulsa Garden Center
 2435 S. Peoria, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
For More information, check THS Facebook page
Contact:   918-894-8131
The phrase:  “Inspiring Gardeners to Create”  has guided Sue’s life as a
garden designer, writer and speaker.

Based in Washington State, Sue is a
certified professional horticulturist (CPH)  She shares  “…a creative
gardener…celebrates the garden for all of its uses.” Her personal passion
is all about what the garden gives back.  She encourages people to make
discoveries in their own gardens.  And that passion has awarded her gold
medals at numerous flower and garden shows.  Her home garden has
been featured in Northwest Home and Garden magazine as well as
Country Gardens magazine.  And she has been highlighted in both Sunset
and Fine Gardening magazines.

Tulsa Herb Society is hosting Sue Goetz on Monday, July 13th at 7pm as
their annual educational speaker.  Sue will speak about her latest book:
“The Herb Lover’s Spa Book” (published in February 2015).  She will be
sharing her passion for gardening and particularly her love of herbs:  “I am
an herb lover, but I am also a spa lover.  When you put the two together,
you have the start of a journey of delight.”   Her book proposes:  “It Is all
about relaxation in your own surroundings and using herbs from your
garden to create a pleasurable deeply beneficial experience.”  One of the
most beloved herbs -- lavender --  has shown in research studies that
inhaling its essence actually forces a physical response which lowers blood
pressure, heart rate and skin temperature.

Sue will share her favorite herbs to plant in your garden and their healing
properties.  And her book shares 40 plus recipes which will allow any
gardener to create a custom spa experience in the comfort of their own
home. It outlines wonderful, easy to follow recipes for such items as:
peppermint foot soak, lavender spa salt glow, chamomile eye soothers,
scalp tingle mint shampoo, dusty rose body powder, etc.  The book will be
available for sale at the event.


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