Garden-pedia tells all

Garden-pedia is a new little book of gardening terms from St. Lynn's Press this month.

The preface of 6 full pages of heartfelt recommendations by over two-dozen garden writers compels you to want to find out what lies in the rest of the book. And, what you'll find is sort of a Wikipedia for new gardeners - in short, an ideal gift for anyone who has been gardening for just a few years or is just starting out. 

If you are reading along in a book or on the web and come across the word angiosperm, this little gem will tell you that it is, "A flowering plant whose seeds are housed within an ovary." And, that heading is followed by a couple of paragraphs that clearly describe angiosperm as the opposite of gymnosperm, plants "whose seeds are not protected in an ovary".

Moving through the alphabet, you'll find bramble, compost, fragrant, ground cover, inflorescence, metamorphosis ... well, you get the idea.

This one is an easy to hold paperback size at 8 by 8 inches and 224 pages. The list price is around $17 and on the Internet it is available for around $14. Pick one up for a friend or a family you know.


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