Daffodil Day 3.28.15 - Daffodil Theme Judged Art Show - Muskogee OK

As part of Muskogee Garden Club Daffodil Day on Mar 28, 2015, this art contest will accept daffodil-themed art entries in any media. All ages welcome. No email submissions.
Thomas-Foreman Historic Home

In order to qualify, submissions must be delivered to Three Rivers Museum by March 21 with the artist's contact information.

Daffodil Day at the Thomas-Foreman Home will include a tea provided by Muskogee Garden Club, a plant sale provided by Muskogee County Master Gardeners and a museum tour.

Prize money is being provided by the Muskogee Area Arts Council. 

Art Contest: Liz Wells, Muskogee Art Guild 918-682-4259 
Three Rivers Museum and Thomas-Foreman Home, Sue Tolbert 918-686-6624
Daffodil Day, Martha Stoodley 918.683.2373


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