Euro Style Container Gardening

In Switzerland, the country is trending toward more high rise living and as a result more patio/balcony gardening. So says Erwin Meier-Honegger in the nursery industry magazine "Green Profit".

Dove color planter
from Pure Modern
Meier-Honegger said that large containers for balconies are designed not only to hold plenty of flowers, herbs or vegetables but to establish privacy barriers for residents. He also cited their lower maintenance when compared with having several smaller containers around - good point!

He says terracotta pots are dead and colorful planters are in, though most of his customers at his garden center, Ernst Meier Garden Center, tend to buy containers in dove and anthracite colors.

For indoors, Meier-Honegger's customers are more interested in the color and design of the planter than the plants within. Customers want style, something special in the planter in which any old plant will do.

And, dear to my heart, his savvy shoppers are buying insect hotels for beneficial insects, and, paying $2,000 for the luxury models. Concern for beneficial insects is a worldwide issue among thinking gardeners.

In the US, Frank Boendermaker reports that high-end, lightweight Capi Lux line of containers is selling well both here and in Europe. I saw them in an OKC nursery a couple of weeks ago.
The shapes and colors are sophisticated - black, grey, dove, white. They are all made of lightweight fiberglass, magnesium or a combination.
Again, terracotta is over.
Pastel colors are in.
Look for Capi planters in Costco this spring.
Scheurich Wave Globe line

Scheurich's Keith Turbett also says that muted colors are in. His selection includes beige, copper and silver colors with textured, matte and glossy surfaces will be popular.

Plastic containers continue to be the favorites because the designs and colors are improving from the days of black only or just green and black options. Plus, gardeners prefer their lightness - ease of transport home and movement around the patio.

So, the story from Europe is out with terracotta and in with plastic, fiberglass and magnesium.


Constant watering in the heat is always a problem with containers.

You can do more to keep your containers hydrated in the heat by lining them with disposable diapers before adding the dirt.

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