04 February 2014

Bryophyllum tubiflorum - Kalanchoe delagoensis - Mother of Millions or Chandelier plant

Bryophyllum tubiflorum has many names not the least of which is invasive but more commonly it is called Mother of Thousands or Mother of Millions. They are native to Madagascar but have traveled the world as houseplants and green house pets. Chandelier Plant is common because it is prolific in its reproduction habits.

Plantlets grow along the edges of these interesting succulents that we grow as houseplants. In zones 9-12 it can be grown outside and at Delange there are photos of it outside in the garden. Just follow the link to see them.

To propagate them you don't have to do anything because the tiny plantlets fall off and start new plants in whatever is nearby, including other plants' pots, their own saucers, etc.

One of ours has round/oval leaves and another one has long stems that go on and on until we cut off pieces and put them into pots or pitch them out.

The ones we potted are now blooming out in the garden shed, providing a cheerful bit of color on these incredibly cold days.

Noosa's Native Plants in Australia has it on the most invasive weeds list and says to rip out every seedling and replace them with Carpobrotus glaucescens, Scavola calendulaceae, Chrysocephalum, and Dianella caerulea.  (By the way the site is fun to browse if you have time to click on the link and look around.)

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