02 January 2014

Seed Catalogs - 2014

Plant and seed catalogs are arriving daily and announcements about new plants show up on the Internet by the hour. Plant hybridizers, seed developers and garden product providers are ready for our orders and January is the perfect time to dream that our orders will transform our gardens.

Most of the companies listed below offer garden supplies. You’ll find growing containers, soil amendments, plant tags, row covers, fertilizers and insect controls as well as seeds, plants, tubers, chickens and books.

Disease and insect resistant plant varieties are widely available. Pelletted seeds are covered with a bit of clay that helps tiny seeds stay put where they are planted.

Monsanto and Seminis provide much of the seeds available (http://bit.ly/1cf9zAV). If you want to avoid GMOs, look for terms such as safe seed pledge, open-pollinated and heirloom in the description.

Many companies offer newsletters by email and have seasonal sales if you sign up on their website. Several vendors also sell seeds at eBay.com and Amazon.com. Be sure they are selling fresh seeds before ordering.

Several companies own two or more seed companies and in those cases, only one is listed. All of the companies listed offer non-GMO seeds.

Seed providers -

Amishland Heirloom Seeds, www.amishlandseeds.com (grows her own seed)

Annie’s Heirloom Seed, http://www.anniesheirloomseeds.com

Artistic Gardens, www.artisticgardens.com, 802-748-1446 (40 cent packets)

B and T World Seeds, http://b-and-t-world-seeds.com, searchable by zone

Baker Creek, http://rareseeds.com, 417-924-8917

Botanical Interest, www.botanicalinterests.com, informative seed packets

Bountiful Gardens, www.bountifulgardens.org, 707-459-6410

Burpee, www.burpee.com, 800-888-1447

Chiltern Seeds, www.chilternseeds.co.uk

Cook’s Garden seeds, www.cooksgarden.com, 800-457-9703

Diane’s Flower Seeds, www.dianeseeds.com

Dixondale Farm Onions www.dixondalefarms.com

Eden Brothers, ww.edenbrothers.com,

Ethnobotanical Catalog of Seeds, www.JLHudsonSeeds.net

Fedco Coop seeds and Moose Tubers, www.fedcoseeds.com, 207-873-7333

Garden Medicinals and Culinaries, www.gardenmedicinals.com, 540-872-8351

Gourmet Seed International, www.gourmetseed.com, 575-398-6111

Granny’s Heirloom Seeds, Bolivar, MO, www.grannysheirloomseeds.com

Harris Seed, www.harrisseeds.com, 800-544-7938

Heirloom Tomatoes, www.heirloomtomatoes.net, (every tomato)

High Mowing organic seeds, www.highmowingseeds.com, 802-472-617

Holland Wildflower, www.hwildflower.com, (800) 684-3734 Grows and supplies seed to Crystal Bridges Museum for their wildflower drive. Habitat mixes.

Hometown Seeds, http://hometownseeds.com, 888-433-3106


Horizon Herbs, www.horizonherbs.com, 541-846-6704.  (medicinal herbs)

Jelitto Perennials, www.jelitto.com (German)

Johnny’s Selected Seeds, www.johnnyseeds.com, 877-564-6697

Kitazawa Seed, www.kitazawaseed.com, 510-595-1188 (Asian vegetables and herbs)

Kusa Seed Society, www.ancientcerealgrains.org. Rare wheat, barley, millet, lentil varieties.

Landis Valley Museum, www.landisvalleymuseum.org, 717-569-0401, German settler varieties

Landreth Seed Company, www.landrethseeds.com (800) 654-2407

L'Atelier Vert - Everything French Gardening, www.frenchgardening.com

Lost Creek Shitake Mushroom Farm, http://shiitakemushroomlog.com, 800-792-0053

MO Wildflowers Nursery, www.mowildflowers.net, 573-496-3492. Open pollinated native seed

Native Seeds/SEARCH, www.nativeseeds.org, 520-622-5561. Non-profit organization offers seeds of the traditional foods from the American Southwest and northern Mexico

Nichols Garden Nursery, www.nicholsgardennursery.com, 800-422-3985

Onalee Seeds, www.onalee.com (detailed seed packs)

Outside Pride, www.outsidepride.com, 800-670-4192. Native grass, envirolawn, ground cover


Park Seed, www.parkseed.com Free catalog


Pepper Joe’s, www.pepperjoe.com, 843-742-5116 (all peppers)


Pinetree Garden Seeds, www.superseeds.com, 207-926-3400 (free print catalog)


Planet Natural, www.planetnatural.com, 800-289-6656


Pleasant Hill Grain, www.pleasanthillgrain.com, (ancient and heirloom varieties)


R.H. Shumway’s, www.hrshumway.com, 800-342-9461 (same varieties for 100 years)


Renee’s Garden Seeds, http://reneesgarden.com – great seed packets


Richters Herbs Canada, www.richters.com, 800-668-4372


Sample Seed Shop. http://sampleseeds.com, 716-871-1137 (small packets $1 to $2)


Sand Hill Preservation Center, www.sandhillpreservation.com, 563- 246-2299 (heirloom seeds and poultry)


Sand Mountain Herbs, http://www.sandmountainherbs.com


Seed Savers Exchange, www.Seedsavers.org, 563-382-5990 (Join for the best deals)


Seeds from Italy, www.growitalian.com, 785-748-0959 (generous packs)


Seeds of Change, www.seedsofchange.com, 888-762-7333


Select Seeds, www.selectseeds.com, 800-684-0395


Sky Fire Garden, www.skyfiregardenseeds.com ($2 packs)


Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, www.southernexposure.com, 540-894-9480 (free catalog)


Territorial Seed, www.territorialseed.com, 800-626-0866


Thompson and Morgan, www.tmseeds.com, 800-274-7333 (free catalog)


Thyme Garden Herbs, www.thymegarden.com, 541-487-8671


Tomato Bob Heirloom Tomatoes, www.tomatobob.com, 614-256-6298 (free catalog)

Vermont Bean Seed Co, www.vermontbean.com, 800-349-1071


Whatcom Seed Co, www.seedrack.com, (palms, bonsai, baobab)


White Harvest Seed, www.whiteharvestseed.com, 866-424-3185 (survival packets)


Need more? Go to www.gardenlist.com for a list of lists!


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