March 19 Oklahoma Forestry Services delivery to Muskogee

From Andy Qualls today - the Forestry truck delivers a wide range of native tree and shrub plants in bare root bundles or supercells. We have purchased the bare root bundles in past years and have had pretty good luck with them in our yard. We buy a bundle and give half of them away. Click on the link to see what they have to offer - great stuff for wildlife plantings!
Here's Andy's email
The Oklahoma forestry tree truck will be at the MCCD parking lot
March 19 , 2014 pm
3001 Azalea park Drive, Muskogee.
Internet tree ordering information is located at:
and we have some 2014 catalogs at our office.
Present information indicates that they should be arriving in Muskogee around 1 PM on the above date.
If I find any more detailed information, I will advise in future emails.
Thank you, Andy Qualls , Muskogee County Conservation District
P.S. The D40 “Supercell” containers listed online and in the catalog are 2.5” diameter tree pots that have much larger root systems than the conventional container seedlings. This is a survival advantage but I’m pretty sure that it would be better to order early to ensure availability.
I have had very good luck with Loblolly Pine, Virginia Pine, Shortleaf pine, all Oaks, Redbud, Deodar Cedar and any of the wild plums for our area.
Additional expert forestry information for Muskogee county is available at:
Service Forester:
Oklahoma Forestry Services
Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
629 Harriet
Sallisaw, OK 749-2805


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