Flowering Maple is Abutilon

Abutilon is an exotic hibiscus relative that is container grown as a houseplant. Plant Delights has a wonderful and tempting variety of  seven selections that I'd love to grow.

Their flowers resemble Mallow because they are related.
Abutilon Canary Bird has buttery yellow flowers. Fool's Gold looks like it has a weird orangey flower color. Orange Hot Lava is much prettier to me, more like rainbow sherbet. Abutilon megapotamicum flowers are a rosy-pink with a cream colored skirt.
Abutilon megapotamicum 'Ines' has predominantly cream flowers with a pink cap. Pink Charm is two-tone pink and Voodoo has deep red flowers.
Tony Avent's catalog at Plant Delights says they are hardy from zones 7b to 10b and we are in zone 7a. The one in the photo was in Anne Pinc's Tulsa garden and it was a spectacular specimen but I suspect she could grow anything.
I recently ordered seeds from Outside Pride and can recommend their seeds as germinating like crazy. Also, when I called to ask questions the answers were sensible and I was treated respectfully.
1,000 Abutilon Bellvue Mix seeds $5. They provide growing tips at the link above.
Burpee Seeds sells the seeds to be grown as annuals. Their color mix is called Summer Sherbet Mixed Abutilon. $6 for 20 seeds at the link.
Garden Harvest Supply calls them Chinese Lanterns. Their Red Tiger variety is an unusual yellow with red veins. They also call them Chinese Bellflowers.
Since the seeds do well being winter-sown this would be a good time to decide which ones you want. The plants will have to be protected from freezing weather.
Seedman offers seeds for Bellvue Mix, Bella Mix and Giant Hybrids - at varying prices from $2 to $3.
So, whether you want to start them from seed or purchase plants, they will be a gorgeous addition to your flower beds.


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