Daffodil planting time in Zone 7 USA

In zone 7 USA it is time to put spring blooming flower bulbs into the ground. This year I ordered some sale daffodils from
Cherry Creeek Daffodils for our own garden, but did a large order (750 bulbs) from Colorblends for a few nonprofit organizations.

We are adding several hundred daffodils to public spaces for the March 29, 2014 Daffodil Day in Muskogee at the
Thomas-Foreman Home and at a new city garden.

Daffodil Brackenhurst
Last year was our first year trying out the event and it was a stormy, windy day but we had 50 visitors and since no one could be outside we thought that was pretty good. Muskogee Garden Club had planted 1,000 daffodil bulbs and this planting will bring the total to 1,500.

Next year we are doing the same event: for $10 Start at the
Three Rivers Museum and tour it if you want to, park there and take a trolley ride to the Thomas-Foreman Home, enjoy the daffodils, tour the home and enjoy a tea provided by Muskogee Garden Club members.

Everyone who attended last year loved the whole thing. Some visitors chose to go straight to the Thomas-Foreman Home for the tour and tea. That is $5. Either way, it was a good time on a rainy spring day.

At the 2014 tour we are adding a Gardcn Club member plant sale. It will be small but we hope it will give visitors something to take home to add to their Zone 7 gardens.

Bulb Planting Depths

Old House Gardens is having a tulip bulb sale that isn't listed on their website but here is the link from their newsletter

Click over to the American Daffodil Society page for all things daffy. Here's a direct link to their How-To page.


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