Cool tool - Fiskars Garden Multi-Snip

You can't do better than a tool like this with a lifetime warranty!
It has a those comfortable Fiskars Softgrip handle with stainless-steel, precision-ground blades.
Deadheading, taking cuttings, light pruning, opening bags, cutting twine - it's all there in a handy pocket pouch ready to use. The blade is as sharp as a razor so you can use it to make fine cuttings and remove leaves.
Get this: It even includes a notch for quick and easy wire cutting without damaging the blades.
There's a safety lock to keep the blades closed.
All this for about $20. We love it!


  • Ideal for snipping stems, slicing open burlap bags, sawing rope, cutting wire and a variety of other garden tasks
  • Sharp, precision-ground blade edges offer clean cuts
  • Stainless-steel blades stay sharp longer and resist rust
  • DuraFrame™ handle provides excellent durability
  • Nonslip Softgrip® handle improves grip and reduces hand fatigue for comfortable extended use
  • Safety lock keeps blades closed for safe storage and transportation
  • Bonus sheath includes belt clip for easy access and portability
  • Symmetrical design offers easy right- or left-handed use
  • Lifetime warranty


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