Stonecrop or Sedum Pure Joy!

Sedum Autumn Joy is one of my garden favorites. The flowers at this time of year are pink and they will deepen to a rusty magenta color before the first hard freeze.

Skippers, butterflies and other pollinators love sedum flowers - there isn't much pollen around when these are blooming. When the seeds follow the flowers, watch the birds come to snack.

The photo is of the new Sedum Pure Joy named for the pink flowers.

The leaves and stems are blue-green, and the plant has a mounding form that reaches 10 inches tall and spreads 20 inches across. Plant each quart container 15 to 20 inches apart.

I've been dividing and multiplying my Autumn Joy for a decade and it has a prime place in more than one bed. Sedums are also good for driveways, foundation, path, and rock garden beds. Cold hardy in zones 3 to 9; heat and road salt tolerant, too.
 According to Wayside Gardens, Brent Horvath of Intrinsic Perennials is responsible for this new introduction. Intrinsic Perennials is located in IL and while we cannot order from them (wholesale only) their blooming and budding list is well worth a click over to


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