Daffodils - a new book from Kingsbury and Whitworth

Daffodil: The Remarkable Story of the World's Most Popular Spring Flower will be released by Timber Press this month.

Daffodils are simply the best spring flower for durability. No mammals eat the bulbs. That's a big deal if you have squirrels eating the minor bulbs and deer eating the tulips and daylilies.

Also, if they are planted where the drainage is good, they require little care other than a light fertilizing when they in bloom.

It's been a decade since Daffodils had their own book and this one is terrific. The author and photographer are British so it has a European leaning text. For example, the featured gardens are outside the U.S.

With that said, here's what there is to love: History, science, botany, yummy photos, explanation of the divisions, how daffodils moved across Britain, the U.S., New Zealand and Australia, shows and judging,

One chapter, "Cornwall: Centre of the Daffodil Universe"  points out that Cornwall was the centre of the history and culture of daffodils. The photos alone make me want to book a trip to see the farms in bloom.

This is a charming, informative and beautiful book!


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