July 8 FREE "An Evening with Patricia Lanza"

The Tulsa Herb Society is hosting
Patricia Lanza - the queen of lasagne gardening
July 8th
Tulsa Garden Center
2435 S. Peoria Ave

The Tulsa Herb Society is thrilled to host An Evening with Patricia Lanza, July 8th from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at the Tulsa Garden Center.  Your invitation to this free event includes an evening of garden exploration; where enjoyment meets functionality.  Join THS as they welcome this knowledgeable gardener to Tulsa.

Originally from Crossville, Tennessee Patricia remembers what it was like to keep a garden from watching her grandparents’ garden in rocky, clay soil. She remembers how they rented a mule to plow in the spring then raked out the rows by hand. How they planted, watered and hoed weeds all summer. She also remembers the taste of fresh vegetables right from the garden: red, juicy tomatoes, tender green beans and corn, indeed lots of corn picked by the apron full every day.

Patricia began gardening just like her Tennessee grandparents, however by the time she was a grandmother she needed to garden a different way. She dealt with the same gardening conditions, rocky hardpan. It was there and then she discovered what she calls Lasagna Gardening; a method of creating good soil without digging, tilling or weeding. It’s what keeps her in the garden today as she gardens near her original home where the soil is rock and clay.   

Patricia’s books and lectures have taken her on the road where she travels and promotes the ease of gardening simply. Her newest book, My Garden Doctor was published in 2009.  It is a reprint of a book published in 1914 with a new forward and epilogue. Her other books include: Create Wonderful Gardens, Lasagna Gardening, Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces, Lasagna Gardening with Herbs, My Grandmother's Aprons, and My Garden Doctor 
As a gardener and garden communicator, Patricia shares her knowledge as a writer, book author and public speaker with over twenty years’ experience.


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