Is it a grasshopper or a katydid?

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Do you know the difference between a katydid and a grasshopper? I didn't until I read Bug Squad..
Katydid nymph Project Noah
Also called a long-horned grasshopper, Katydids have long, threadlike antennae while grasshopper antennae are rarely much longer than the head. Bug Squad says grasshopper antennae are not longer than their heads so that's an easy way to ID them.

They are both from the family Tettigoniidae which has 6400 species.

When katydids rub their wings together it sounds like they are saying Katy did or Katy didn't.

Katydid's hearing mechanism is on their front feet.Who knew?

I had no idea how to tell them apart. Thanks Bug Squad and Kathy Keatley Garvey at UC Davis Department of Entomology.


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