OK Native Plant Society - Feb 2 - Tulsa - Indoor Outing

The annual Indoor Outing of the OK Native Plant Society. will be held Feb 2nd at the Tulsa Garden Center  2435 S. Peoria ST. 

Registration is $7 and a sandwich lunch is an additional $10.

All the forms to register online are at
OR if you prefer, you can download and print the form from their site at

Guest speakers will enlighten us on how native plants were used by Native American tribes of OK for medicinal, cultural, art, and food sources. This will be a multicultural/ educational event.

Cherokee Native Art and Plant Society- Society President Shawna Cain and several Cherokee elders will combine Western academia and Cherokee traditional ecological knowledge in their presentation.

They have participated in a national conference of the Society of Ethnobiology.

Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative - Education-Policy Coordinator Rita Williams will focus on native plants and food. She will demonstrate and bring food samples. An elder will demonstrate the use of river cane for bowmaking.

Dr. Andrea Hunter, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Osage Nation is an anthropologist whose specialty is the study of plants recovered from archaeological sites, understanding what people ate and the medicinal purposes of those plants. She has also conducted research on crop domestication.

Vendors are participating! There will be books for sale, as well as, other plant related items.

There will be demonstrations and displays throughout the workshop and vendors with a variety of crafts. Adequate time will be allowed for everyone to enjoy the varied experiences available, as well as enjoy our guest speakers! There will also be a drawing for door prizes at the close of the workshop.


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