catalogs and online shopping - seeds, plants, chickens, tubers, bulbs, perennials, etc.

Catalogs and online shopping are the way gardeners make it through the winter months, so each year, my column features dozens of print and online resources. Some years it has been only seed companies. This year’s list includes Internet based retailers that sell seed, plants, tubers, chickens and everything else gardeners need in order to dream, to plan and succeed.

With few exceptions, most companies sell items other than seeds. A few sell only seed they grow themselves or contractors grow for them. Look for open pollinated varieties if you want to avoid GMOs.

Disease and insect resistant varieties are widely available from the larger companies. Seeds that are coated with clay making tiny seeds easier to plant, are called pelletted. Look for those in catalogs such as Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

Printed paper catalogs are few and far between as everyone is using less paper and wants to save money. Most seed sellers offer an online newsletter, write a growing tips blog, or email out materials to subscribers. If you provide an email address, many will contact you when their seeds go on sale.

Enjoy the pictures, and savor the vegetable, herb and flower descriptions at these stores -

Amishland Heirloom Seeds, (grows her own seed)

Artistic Gardens,, 802-748-1446 (35 cent packets)

B and T World Seeds,, Master List of 34,000 catalogs including roof garden seeds, Shady Condition seed list, Terrarium seeds, 5,000 food plants,  etc.

Baker Creek,, 417-924-8917

Botanical Interest,

Bountiful Gardens,, 707-459-6410

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, (bulbs and perennial flowers)

Burpee,, 800-888-1447 (free print catalog)

Bustani Plant Farm,, 405-372-3379 (OK grown plants)

Chiltern Seeds,

Conserving Arkansas Agricultural Heritage seeds are given to gardeners who agree to return seed to the seed bank. Swap calendar is at

Cook’s Garden seeds,, 800-457-9703

Diane’s Flower Seeds,

Ethnobotanical Catalog of Seeds,

Fedco Coop seeds and tubers,, 207-873-7333

Garden Medicinals and Culinaries,, 540-872-8351

Gourmet Seed International,, 575-398-6111

Granny’s Heirloom Seeds, Bolivar, MO,

Heirloom Acres Seeds, New Bloomfield MO, 573-491-3001 and

High Mowing organic seeds,, 802-472-6174

Hometown Seeds,, 888-433-3106

Johnny’s Selected Seeds,, 877-564-6697

Kitazawa Seed, , 510-595-1188 (Asian vegetables and herbs)

Landis Valley Museum,, 717-569-0401, German settler varieties

L'Atelier Vert - Everything French Gardening,
Lost Creek Shitake Mushroom Farm,, 800-792-0053

Native Seeds, Southwest Endangered Aridlands Resource Clearing House,

Nichols Garden Nursery,, 800-422-3985 (seeds and roots)
Old House Gardens, (plants and bulbs)
Onalee Seeds, (detailed seed packs)
Ozark Seed Bank, 417-679-1003 (receives and offers donated seed from members)

Park Seeds,, 800-845-3369 (free print catalog)

Plant Delights, 919-772-4794 (ornamental perennials)

Pine Ridge Gardens,, 501-293-4359 (Arkansas and OK native plants)

Pinetree Garden Seeds,, 207-926-3400 (free print catalog)

Renee’s Garden Seeds, – great seed packets

Richters Herbs Canada,, 800-668-4372

Sample Seed Shop., 716-871-1137 (small packets)

Sand Hill Preservation Center,, 563- 246-2299 (heirloom poultry and seeds)

Seed Savers Exchange,, 563-382-5990 (Join for the best deals)

Seeds from Italy,, 785-748-0959 (generous packs)

Seeds of Change,, 888-762-7333

Sky Fire Garden, ($2 packs)

Sooner Plant Farm,, 918-453-0771 (Greenleaf Nursery plants)


Southern Exposure Seed Exchange,, 540-894-9480 (free print catalog)

Territorial Seed,, 800-626-0866

Thompson and Morgan,, 800-274-7333 (free paper catalog)

Thyme Garden Herbs,, 541-487-8671

Tomato Bob Heirloom Tomatoes, (free paper catalog)

Vermont Bean Seed Co,, 800-349-1071

Whatcom Seed Co,, (palms, bonsai)

White Flower Farm,, 800-503-9624

Wild Things Nursery,  (OK native plants)

White Harvest Seed,, 866-424-3185 (survival packets)


Need more? Go to for a list of lists!



Wow, this is a massive list. Actually really helpful! Thanks a lot :)
Molly Day said…
Glad it helps. Most of them arrive in my mailbox or email each year.
Happy shopping!

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