Water is Gold - award winning video by Greg Harriott

Landscape Architecture Magazine posted the winning videos http://landscapearchitecturemagazine.org/2012/10/19/water-wise-winners/ -
" water conservation screened in Beverly Hills, California, this week as part of the 5th annual Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition. The top prize went to Isla Urbana, a documentary film by Greg Harriott about a nonprofit in Mexico City that is working with people who have poor access to water to harvest rainwater from their rooftops. (You can watch the video above).

The audience choice award went to “The Wash,” a racy public service announcement by Carla Dauden http://vimeo.com/carladauden aimed at homeowners who wash their cars in their driveways. The competition was sponsored by the Rain Bird Corporation, which provides irrigation products and services. (Watch “The Wash”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBE6sXoPlHA.)

Also on Youtube is this video (in English) from the New Cities Summit in Paris, May 2012
"A low cost, easy-to-install rainwater harvesting system which is installed on individual households. The system creatively addresses the common problem of urban water shortages in Mexico City and is an example of urban ingenuity at its best."

The speaker is Enrique Lomnitz, Co-founder and executive director, Isla Urbana

The Isla Urbana FB page is in Spanish

Many states in the U.S. are engaged in water wars now that we are collectively in a 2 year drought and continuing heat wave that is predicted to last through next spring and summer.

In OK there are 2 lively battles: clean streams protected from chicken farm runoff into our rivers and the constant drum beat from Texans who are lobbying to buy OK water. The OK politicians are weak on this issue and TX politicians and the lobbyists are strong.

Clean water is a worldwide issue and it's a good idea to pay attention to it. Talk about the economy and employment issues all you want. Without clean water the U.S. is a third world country.


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