Superbells (Millionbells) Calibrachoa Lemon Slice from Proven Winners

Superbells Lemon Slice has been amazing at the rocky edge of
my herb bed this year.

It was one of the garden writer trial plants that Proven Winners sent out at the beginning of the summer.

This sweetie pie has bloomed on the rocky edge of my herb bed
all summer through record breaking heat and drought. Even when
it was 107 and we were gone on vacation (not watering) it kept blooming.

Talk about a Proven Winner.

There are bunches of other Calibrachoa colors from Proven Winners and I have planted them whenever PW has sent them to me. But, Lemon Slice has bloomed the best, survived it all and has a permanent place in my heart.

Check out the Blackberry Punch and other colors on the PW website


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