Historic (Jamestown era) Native Plants Database

Albermarle County Virginia has posted a native plants database, listing the species that were on the site pre-Jamestown!

Here's what they say, "Based on available science, the plants recommended here were found in this region prior to the arrival of the colonists at Jamestown, thus making them native plants.

Native plants are historic to the region, help give us a sense of place, and are an important part of our local ecosystem.

A panel of local experts chose these plants based on their current or potential availability, their overall aesthetic interest, and their likelihood to grow well without major care.

U.S. Wildflowers.com
This database allows everyone from the development community to the backyard enthusiast to search for native plants by uses and growing conditions."

You can search based on "Recommended Uses" such as stormwater, butterflies, landscaping, etc.

Or how about by plant needs, soil type and water needs?
Then, add plant characteristics such as spreading, height, flower color, bloom time and animal resistance, and you get suggestions for your specific interest.

What a great service. Tip of the Trowel to Albermarle County, VA.

Here's the link for your native plant browsing pleasure

You can also go directly to the Entire List link to see what was growing in VA at the time of Jamestown. Check that one out, too.

The photo of Black Bugbane or Cohosh is from U.S. Wildflowers, another terrific resource at the link http://uswildflowers.com/. You can search by state, name, list, family, etc.


Tree hugging said…
We'd love to hear your comments on which specific search you did that returned no results. We are continuingly trying to refine this resource and appreciate your input. Thanks for featuring it!

Lonnie Murray
Albemarle County
TJSWCD Director
Molly Day said…
The search criteria I entered included spring flowering small tree and the site said zero results, try again.
Tree hugging said…
I checked "Small Tree" and Checked "March", "April", "May" and got 16 results. Are you sure you didn't check some other box too?
Molly Day said…
Hi again. I re-tried the database and indeed it worked perfectly for me this time.
I revised the blog entry.
Thanks for posting your comment!

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