Amy and Drew Taylor - Memphis garden tour

Here's a garden and landscape with lots of breathtaking features.

 A wide pea-gravel walkway leads from the driveway to the front entertaining area.
 The water-fountain/pond is surrounded with cold-hardy banana trees, lamb's ears, carpet juniper, Japanese maples, and heavenly bamboo. The pond is in bloom with water lilies.
The pool and cabana make the area in the back of the home into a place to relax and entertain.

The garden plantings in the back of the house include pots of oleander, mandevilla and other tropicals.

Five sculptures dot the landscape, ranging in size from 8 to 15 feet tall. The previous owner made and installed them and left them at the house.

  1. The driveway beds are filled with rhododendrons skirted with liatris, redbud trees and Japanese maples skirted with boxwoods, hostas, and mahonia.

    The entrance to the property is accented with canna lilies.

    All in all a spectacular place to be!


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