Cold hardy Pineapple Lily is Eucomis - easy care in zones 7 to 10

There are only 11 species in the Eucomis plant family, related to asparagus and Crinum lilies. Eucomis is from hair of the head, a reference to the tufts of bracts top the plants.

Perfect for a sunny border or large container. No pest or disease problems! Check out the photos and comments at Plant Lust. Wow.

South African Pineapple Lilies, Eucomis, do well in our zone 7 weather? Steve Owens at
Bustani Plant Farm said his are in the ground for 14 years and going strong.

Bustani Plant Farm - Oakhurst Pineapple Lily

Steve says all 4 varieties he offers are hardy in his western Oklahoma gardens. 
Giant Eucomis - Bustani Plant Farm

Other growers in our zone agree. Plant Delights catalog says,
"Since we began growing eucomis (pineapple lilies) in the early 1980s, we have found them to be easy, reliable, and fun garden perennials. We continue to evaluate most of the 10 Eucomis species from South Africa along with new hybrids from breeders around the world for their uniqueness and garden worthiness. The first plant we introduced was a selection we named Eucomis 'Sparkling Burgundy'. We hope you enjoy our ever-increasing eucomis offerings, many of which were bred for the cut flower market. "

Bustani Plant Farm - Eucomis
The Rainforest Garden says it prefers moist soil, "I can personally attest to its tolerance of both overly wet soil and drier soil as well. However, it performed exceptionally well in the soggy soil of my backyard the last two years, back when the rear of the garden was flooded. The foliage was much lusher and lengthier, and you can probably tell by the above photo that the flowers were much larger as well. They were so big that they really rambled over the ground like snakes rather than stand up like they do normally"

Don't miss out on planting this one in your garden or on your patio.


Donna@GWGT said…
I always liked that bottle brush shape in the garden. It adds a great upright form and texture.
Molly Day said…
Have you grown it, Donna? I'm excited about giving it a try - who knew a South African plant would succeed in zone 7?
Unknown said…
Very neat looking plant. I love your posts about different plants.
Anonymous said…
I have had the Oakhurst and Rainforest Pineapple Lily (2 of each)for 5 years. They produce more false pineapple shoots every season. Look great thru summer.

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