Cherokee County, Oklahoma - Ozark Mtn foothills

Cherokee County is not too far from where we live. Sunday, we visited friends there and took a drive to enjoy the sunny day and pleasant scenery. Below are some photos of what it looks like in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, early March.
What is this beautiful native tree with gold/green bare stems and red new growth?

Native oak tree scrub

Cliffs, rivers, lakes - lots of beautiful scenery along Hwy 10 near Tahlequah

In the woods, wild rose brambles are covered with buds that will open in a month or so.

The sand bars along the water are open to the public.

If you get a chance to drive around Cherokee County,
check out Cherokee Hills byways links here and here.


Molly said…
Thanks for the good tip, Hancey.

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