Kew Gardens - Endangered Small Pearl Fritillary Butterfly Protection

Kew is working as project partners with Durham Wildlife Trust (DWT) in an attempt to grow 20,000 marsh violet plants, the food plant of the larvae of the small pearl-bordered fritillary. With only six small colonies currently known within the county, this is County Durham’s rarest breeding butterfly.
small pearl fritillary butterfly
According to the USDA the native range for the marsh violet is across the U.S.
Marsh Violet in Illinois

Threatened and Endangered Information:
Viola palustris L.
This plant is listed by the U.S. federal government or a state. Common names are from state and federal lists. Click on a place name to get a complete protected plant list for that location.
alpine marsh violet Endangered
New Hampshire:
alpine marsh violet Threatened

The best way to help endangered wildlife is to grow the food they need. I confess to pulling out hundreds of these violets in our shade garden because they want to take over. This year I'll allow them to thrive and spread.
Thank you Kew and the heads' up. It's all about the butterflies!


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