Carols and Crumpets Craft Fair - Dec 3 - at Tulsa Garden Center

Tulsa Herb Society Carols and Crumpets: An Herbal Craft Fair Dec 3 from 8 to 3pmSnowflake Café open from 11 to 2
Tulsa Garden Center,2435 South Peoria AV, Tulsa
Information – Patsy Wynn 918-496-8019 or
The annual Tulsa Herb Society holiday craft fair, Carols and Crumpets, will be held on Saturday, December 3 from 8 am to 3pm at the Tulsa Garden Center.

Their annual raffle is always popular. This year’s winner will take home table top white wool, feather tree with felt beaded cupcake, petite four and ribbon candy ornaments with a coordinating beaded tree skirt. 
Many of the outside vendors will be familiar to attendees but there will be plenty of new crafters and the artists’ creations will make great gifts for yourself and anyone on your gift list.

Herb Society members contribute a room full of fresh greenery from their gardens that you can take home to use for decorating. In addition, Utopia Gardens will have live wreaths and Lori Wilbins Designs will have greenery wreaths.

Herb Society crafts include: Button Christmas wreath pillows, beaded trees, felt wool penny rugs, button mini wreaths, wool fern felt pillows, muslin snowmen, crocus crackers, cinnamon reindeer, felt beaded star ornaments, lavender water, lavender sachets, chutneys, herb  vinegars, felt stockings, metal ribbons, Iris folded paper cards, hypertufa planters, large snowflake ornaments, green bags, and forced narcissus bulbs in vintage china cups.

Judy Bailey of Artistry & Old Lace will sell handmade greeting cards, ornaments and vests.

Kirk and Loretta Bowers, owners of Clear Creek Farm & Garden are offering birdfeeders, photo cards, seeds and potpourri, in addition to garden wisdom.

Dan and Jennifer Brandt with Dutchess Chocolates are bringing from their shop: Handmade chocolates, fudge, truffles, mini breads, cookies and confections.

Sandy Chapman of Silver Spoon is selling salsas, fruit butter, fruit jam, mixes and teas.

Taking a cue from the environmental spirit, From the Farm will offer repurposed items made of architectural salvage, Steampunk Jewelry will sell earrings and bracelets made of recycled clock parts, and, Chrissie Gray has fashioned garden art out of old glass.

The Spice Market will have a booth with their spices, herbs, and spice blends for gifts and holiday cooking.

Ann Humbert of Raintree Farm is bringing handmade pottery including hypertufa puddlers.

Chateau Debris’s Nancy Parke made bags, sweaters, shawls, mittens, booties, slippers, children’s hats, baby caps, and felted hair ornaments for the sale.
 In another booth you will find Randy Pennington’s handcrafted wooden stools, pens, cooking utensils, boxes, and cutting boards.

Garden Deva Sculpture Company will have a booth filled with their whimsical and functional steel art for home and garden.

Tulsa Herb Society members have booths at the event.  Ann Sittler Designs will have whimsical clay art at her booth. Lois Galpin owner of The Open Leaf made garden art and decorated concrete leaves; Lou Ann Gray crafts Christmas tree skirts, needle keepers, and feed sack stockings; and, Maureen Hemmert owner of the Butter Churn creates primitive art pieces.
New this year is the 2011 cookbook.  “It's About Thyme: Tulsa Herb Society Celebrates Herbs” with 449 recipes submitted by members; $20.00. THS member Sharon Ferguson penned all the illustrations.

Tulsa Herb Society members get together all year to work on crafts and culinary items the second Tuesday of each month at 9 am. The members also hold hands-on crafting and culinary workshops and programs throughout the year.  Their meeting schedule is online at

In addition to their other activities, members of the Tulsa Herb Society maintain the Anne Hathaway Herb Garden at Woodward Park. William Shakespeare’s wife, Anne, was said to be an avid gardener.

The Anne Hathaway Herb Garden was started by Jewel Huffman in 1939. Herbs in the garden include: scented geraniums, sages, mints, basil, summer and winter savory, lemon thyme, burnet, rosemary, marjoram, oregano and tarragon. The herbs bloom from May until frost and are labeled for identification. 


Anonymous said…
It sounds and looks like Christmas already!
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Molly said…
Hope to see you at Carols and Crumpets next weekend.

The earlier you go, the bigger the selection!

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