Waterford Press has reference cards you'll want to take out to the garden and on hikes

Waterford Press produces simplified reference guides that introduce novices to nature, science, travel and languages.

Their Pocket Naturalist Guides range from animal tracks to wildflowers for individual states in the U.S. and for countries outside the U.S.

They sent me a few to look at - "Invasive Weeds of North America", "Bugs and Slugs", and "Beetles". Now that I've looked at their site and the quality of their materials, there are about a dozen more that I want/need.

These 6-page guides fold into a handy pocket size that's easy to take along and the plastic coating is infintely practical for outdoor use. $5.95 apiece. Available from local vendors, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

"Bugs and Slugs" has photos of bees, ants, beetles, butterflies, moths, flying insects, grasshoppers, cicadas, true bugs, spiders, household insects, and other invertebrates. Each photo is clear with descriptions and details.
"Beetles" is a 2011 release.

"Beetles: The living jewels of the bug world, this guide introduces novices to over 100 of the most common and fascinating North American species. Sorted by habitat, this easy-to-use reference guide is ideal for novices and experts and provides a simplified introduction to this vast order of 350,000 species."
These are really cool for students of nature - all ages!


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