05 April 2011

Can you Identify these wildflowers?

We went for a walk at Greenleaf State Park yesterday morning and saw these wildflowers. Do you know what they are? The wind was gusting at 50 miles an hour so the images aren't my best, but give it a try.

Wildflower #1 leaf form

Wildflower #1 with flower bud

Wildflower #2

Wildflower #3 has a very light pink flower

Wildflower #4 has woody stems and this pretty red bud - not a redbud tree of course
the old road is a surreal sight
nice paths to walk
Woody Woodpecker was here

 If you can identify the flora, post to my blog or send an email to mollyday1@gmail.com. Thanks!


Patty said...

I can identify some of the pics:
#1 - mayapple
#2 - phlox subulata (?)
#3 - anemone cnaadensis

These are all native flora primarily to eastern North America.

Martha said...

Hey Patty, thanks so much. I've never seen a mayapple before and had no idea they looked like that.

momomom said...

#4 might be sweet shrub
with the flower in a tight bud.