Anne Pinc's Garden

This beautiful evergreen fern in Anne Pinc's garden is just one of the wonderful treats she shared with us.

Like many plant-smart people, Anne walks her garden spouting common and Latin names at the same rate of speed and no matter how many times I say "What?" I can't write them all down fast enough.

Two white kittens roam the gardens and even allow visitors to pet them.

This large foliage plant stands taller than a person behind the shade structure in the photo below. Chinese Rice Paper Plant seems to thrive here. I saw it all over Tulsa, too.

Look at this elegantly simple structure. It provides a haven for shade loving perennials and breaks up the path to the pool and greenhouses.

I saw bowtie vines at three Tulsa gardens last week. All 3 of them were from Bustani Plant Farm. Steve and Ruth Owens are getting the hot, new plants distributed to the best gardens.

And, Anne. What a wonderful, generous person.

Plant people are some of the best people we meet in this life.


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