Potatoes Grown in Cages

The potatoes grown in wire cages did pretty well. We lined each cage with wheat straw, then alternated straw and potting soil.
Then we put 3 seeds into each cage, topped with soil and straw.

Each cage was made from 5 feet of chicken wire, secured with duct tape and stood on top of wire to keep out moles.
Each container yielded about 2.5 pounds of fingerlings. That was an experiment.

The rest of the seeds we planted in the raised bed with the garlic and those plants still have green, albeit flea beetle chewed, leaves and aren't ready to harvest.


happyskunk said…
I'm trying the wire cage thing with straw this year. I noticed that many of the leaves are eaten along with the sunflower leaves behind the potatoes. I have not found the culprit yet but will have to look up what a flea beetle is.
Molly said…
Flea beetles leave small round holes all over the leaves. I dusted the leaves a few times with diatomaceous earth and that slowed them a little but they came back.
Last year the infestation on my eggplant was so severe that I took the plants out.

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