Cleveland County Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden

The Cleveland County Master Gardeners in Norman OK were the hosts for this year's MG Conference.
I have never been to a conference where the hosts were more hospitable. Even though we were strangers to them, we were welcomed with open arms, conversation, food, and wine tasting (Dancing Rabbit Creek wine from Paul's Valley is wonderful).

The Native American Garden is the baby of Dr. Fred Schneider, retired professor from North Dakota. Schneider has been collecting native seeds for the past 35 to 37 years and the garden is sporting his finds.

The Demonstration Garden also has a Serendipity Garden, vegetable garden, butterfly garden, etc.

Among the Master Gardeners who were at the event were the ladies at the wine tasting table, Juliana Michael in blue and Tracey Payton (in the orange shirt), Horticulturist for Cleveland County.

This is one of my favorite snaps from the event because it made me laugh.

The volunteers grow enough produce to donate over 1200 pounds to charity.

It was hot and windy in Norman Thursday night but we wouldn't have missed this event for anything.
If you are in the Norman area, it is free to visit the garden, ask questions and learn what grows.


Hey friend, glad you stopped by the blog. I've been swamped with stuff to do lately, but loved your comments. Yes, we're fine. The gravel and mud are a pain in the patootie, but it could have been so much worse. Twelve inches in 24 hours is a lot of rain. Hope your garden is growing well with lots of good things to eat and enjoy.~~Dee

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