Mustard from Botanical Interests, Re-blooming daylily, Fritillary Butterflies

Fall is definitely the busiest season of the year for gardeners. In some ways, it is more pleasurable than spring because the summer flowers are still in bloom at the same time the fall garden is being planted.

In the past few days several dozen new daffodils have been planted. I bought from Daffodil Hunter this year again because everything I bought from her last year came up and wowed me.

The Peruvian daffodils from Touch of Nature gave a great show for two years and grew many new bulbs - the 6 bulbs from my original purchase became 20.

Photo: Seedlings of Mustard Red Giant from Botanical Interests
These are volunteers from a plant that went to seed early in the summer. Red mustard is good picked small for salads and also cooked as a green veggie when the leaves grow bigger.

Photo: This daylily is re-blooming in September!

Photo: The bird bath is the scene of caterpillars becoming butterflies. The Gulf Fritillary butterfly eggs were laid and hatched on plants and the caterpillars somehow made it across the driveway to the birdbath where they are making chrysalis. Look at the top left to see the caterpillar right next to a chrysalis, then 3 more bottom right.

It's almost time to plant garlic so buy a few heads at a farmer's market and start digging the rows.


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