Link to Ideas for Fall

Kitazawa Seed Company
in California has Chef Specialty Gardens of mixed seed packets: Asian Herb Garden, Asian Salad Garden, Tropical Garden, Japanese Heirloom Garden, Tsukemono Favorite Pickling Garden, Macrobiotic Garden, Shabu Shabu Garden, Stir-Fry Garden and Thai Garden,
The alphabetical list has very tempting items for the fall garden, too.

Looking for ideas for edible landscaping? Check out the company by that name, Edible Landscaping. The company was recommended by a trusted source.

ECHO is an international Christian organization fighting world hunger. The link is to their blog. Their gardening techniques have to survive in tough landscapes. One idea on the blog - plant a seed in the row and put a pot upside down on the seed. Mulch the bed, remove the pot and the mulch will be well distributed without covering the seed.

Stretcher is a website with self-help articles shared by other members. This link is to their gardening columns.

Seedquest's site also has good articles and ideas for successful seed priming. For example, to overcome the problem with lettuce seed germination, germinate lettuce in fridge for 4 days or soak in 10% bleach solution for 2 hours at 40 degrees followed by 4 fresh water rinses.

Good growing!


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