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On the green front, California is considering a ban on all light bulbs that are not energy saving fluorescent. The ban would phase out all other bulbs by 2012.

Of interest to organic gardeners and eaters, England proposed refusing to accept any produce that has to be flown into the country. The organic certification organization, Soil Association, cited the fact that air planes pollute the environment as their rationale.

England and Canada are removing lawn pesticides to shelves behind the counter where purchase will require a prescription-type form.

In the United States, organic growers and milk producers are having difficulty keeping up with demand. The industry as a whole is growing. In response, the U.S. House of Representatives Agriculture Committee designated Representative Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) to chair a new subcommittee on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture.

Think spring!


Anonymous said…
Think Spring is so true! I can't wait!

Interesting article in the paper today!
Molly Day said…
Thanks, glad you enjoyed the column on horticultural therapy.
I keep being fascinated and impressed by the people I meet in the process of learning about gardening and writing about it.

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