Bare root stock is in

At Lowe's in Muskogee as well as other outlets, you will find late winter and early spring planted bare root plants.

Here's what's in:
Flowers: Forsythia, dahlia, peony, white and red honeysuckle, blue and peegee hydrangea, hosta, lily, caladium and elephant ears.
Vegetables: several varieties potatoes and asparagus.
Fruit: Grapes (concord, black monukka, red flame, etc); blackberries, raspberries (brandywine, latham red, heritage); and strawberries.

Each of these plants has its own unique features and requirements.

All bare root plants are drying out every day they sit in the boxes. Buy early. The roots can be soaked for an hour or up to overnight but you will have better luck if they have not been sitting around in a heated store for several weeks before you bring them home.

In addition to the information printed on the packages, here are links to useful OSU fact sheets

Home Fruit Planting Guide

Vegetable planting tips

Perennial Flowers for specific sites


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