Poinsettia Season is Here

Borovetz Carson Greenhouses, 3020 North St between South Country Club and York
Mon to Sat 10 to 6 and Sun 12 to 6   Information 918.682.4404 and 348.1270

Poinsettias are a universal symbol of the holidays in the US, appearing on cards, in arrangements and of course, live plants. Poinsettia  leaves or bracts come in red, white, pink and marbled. The flower is a tiny green center that is barely noticeable.

When selecting live plants, look for bright, wilt-free leaves, and unbroken stems.  The tiny flowers should be mostly pollen-free. Buy wrapped Poinsettias on your way home from shopping since even brief exposure to cold can cause damage. 

Pete Carson has opened sales of his Muskogee-raised Poinsettias at Borovetz Carson Greenhouses.

In addition to a variety of leaf colors, he has four sizes 
- Pixie is 4.5 inches with 1 plant. 
- 6.5-inch pots have two plants
- Eight-inch pots have 3 plants that make a taller display used for a hearth or stair steps.
- Hanging baskets are 10-inches in diameter with 4 plants.

Temperature is critical for Poinsettias so keep them away from doors, windows and heat sources. At night 55-degrees is ideal. 

 “Water them every three days,” Carson said. “Check the decorative outside foil cover and make sure it has drainage holes cut into it. Water Poinsettias in the sink with room temperature water. Fill to the top of the pot and let the excess drain off.” Too much or too little water will cause the bottom leaves to drop.

Poinsettias are not poisonous so do not call poison control if curious pets or children eat a leaf.  

Mexican legend says that a poor child gathered weeds into a bouquet that turned red when they were offered at the altar causing them to be called Flores de Noche Buena or Flower of the Holy Night. The plant is named for Joel Robert Poinsett, the American Ambassador to Mexico in 1829.  


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