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Glowing Phoenix: Y-O Double,
very early, registered before 1930

Example: White petals, split cup or corona, 
Each year Jason Delaney posts his list of daffodil bulbs for sale and each year I order more. Surely the 8,000 we have now can't be enough.

I look for a) height, b) bloom time and c) color.

a) Height because you probably don't want to plant the 26-inch tall ones in the same places as the 8-inch ones. Dwarf ones close to the house and tall ones farther out is how we do it but you are the artist in your own garden so do whatever makes you happy to be outside.

b) I select some early, mid-season and late so we have flowers for 6 weeks or more.

c) Color because having some W-W (all white) some Y-Y (all yellow) plus the other wonderful combinations makes walking through the garden in the spring an "Ohmygosh! Look at that one." experience.

Here's the link to this year's list - http://www.phsdaffodils.com His online ordering system doesn't seem to be set up yet so you order by postal mail or email with PayPal. The information is at the bottom of this order form.

Each entry has a link to the American Daffodil Society description with height, cup/corona style (split, double, etc), color of petal and cup, etc.

Delaney was the bulb manager for Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis and his bulbs are grown in Illinois. They do well here in Muskogee zone 7 and he always sends extras with your order.
Jetfire: Y-O), Early season, Dwarf

This little Jetfire is one of my favorites (along with the W-P split corona one in the photo above, and, and). Jetfire is about 8-inches tall so it's perfect for among tree roots.

There are many online sources for spring flowering bulbs but it is definitely time to get serious about ordering what you want because they all sell out of the best ones.


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