Sage Salvia Ornamentals for Your Garden

Salvia Azurea seeds started Nov 2017
Salvias are one of the best plants for my big back yard because they are reliable perennials that bloom in blues and reds that make me stare.

There are at least a dozen Salvias that will make you stare at their little flowers this summer. And the butterflies love them so butterfly watching is part of the joy.

Salvia Azurea

I've posted photos of my best ones - the ones that are reliable in our Muskogee yard with minimal care. I'm sure other gardeners grow more and you are invited to share which Salvias work well in your gardens.

Pineapple sage is one I received as a plant so I take cuttings at the end of every summer to ensure its continuation in the flower beds.
Pineapple Sage

My other really successful Salvia is another tall blue one with large leaves. I started them from seed several years ago and they return both from the roots and from seed.

Blue Salvia

Hot Lips Salvia does really well here also. So well in fact that one of my plants came from a plant share at Muskogee Garden Club when a member divided hers.

If/when you are ready to dive into exploring more of these wonderful annual and perennial plants for your flower beds and butterflies, check out Robin's Salvias website and "The New Book of Salvias" by Betsy Clebsch.

There are at least half a dozen blue Salvias that I've grown one or two years but they proved too difficult to keep going in my yard without special attention. One that everyone else seems to love and have success with is Black and Blue Salvia. I've planted it three times and have not had luck. Also there's an incredible biennial that I grew from seed one year because the leaves are as big as a mini-car but it didn't return.

Then there are the culinary sages ... .


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