Sustainable Gift Giving

Tulsa Sustainable held a meeting this week with a speaker from Root Tulsa, a project of the Kaiser Foundation. (Root Tulsa is a great app for things to do in Tulsa, sadly available only for Apple customers.)

With the holiday gift giving season here, these two organizations came up with dozens of ideas for our conservationist selves to consider.

In order to share the presentation with you, here are pictures of several slides.

One of the ideas, Keep it Local OK, is not available in Muskogee, but is across the rest of Oklahoma.
Purchase or give a $15 gift card for card holders to receive discounts at over 300 Oklahoma restaurants, stores, personal service businesses, clothing outlets, movie theaters, etc.
Here's a list of the businesses that sell and honor the card.

The emphasis is on locally purchased, minimally packaged items that
take as little as possible while giving as much as possible

Green, sustainable, gifting builds your community rather than an online store's profits
Focus on giving experiences rather than objects
Root Tulsa has a great list of suggestions at this link
Home made over commercial. Shop previously owned. Upcycle. Recycle,.Re-gift
"A thriving society, responsible economic growth, and environmental stewardship are the mutually reinforcing pillars of sustainability, and are the driving principles behind Sustainable Tulsa."

Oklahoma Sustainability Network includes the towns at the links below.

Rick Ewing, Muskogee Parks and Recreation has formed a committee to explore the possibility of Sustainable Muskogee. Contact him if you'd like to be involved in that effort.


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