Larkspur is the Delphinium for our area

Erery year in late fall/early winter I plant Larkspur seeds around the cottage garden beds. They are the Delphiniums for our hot humid climate.

The various shades of blue and white are about the prettiest you'll see at this time of year as they blow in the breezes of spring.

Not only are they low-maintenance, seed-grown and reliable, they are rabbit and deer resistant. In our garden, rabbit resistant is essential to survival.
Each plant grows about 6-inches wide and a few feet tall. Plant them in full sun to part shade wiith other spring blooming flowers such as poppies, lillies, daisies, and clematis. 

Most of next year's plants will come from the seeds thrown off by this year's as they fade and go to seed. I usually collect seed heads and when they are completely dry, press them into prepared soil in other beds around the garden. 

Each year we have a few more plants in a few more locations, ensuring that we'll never run out of these spring beauties.


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