Natives in the News

Winterberry Holly
A recent blog post at Ecological Landscape Alliance posted a list of native shrubs to consider for our landscapes. The list includes: Blueberry, Serviceberry, Viburnum, Winterberry, Dogwood, Bayberry, Chokeberry, and more. Click over to the link to read about the plants and their many virtues.

We are gradually adding more native shrubs and fruiting trees to our landscape but we have learned the hard way that native does not mean plant them and ignore them. They must be watered and weeded until they become established in your home landscape.

BenjaminVogt's recent post on Houzz is about 15 native flowers for bees. His list includes Lead Plant, Boltonia or False Aster, Purple Prairie Clover, Black-eyed Susan, Wild Bergamot or Monarda, Golden Alexander, etc. The link above will take you to that fine post.
Monarda fistulosa

There's a new Native Plant Podcast that has just begun at It is from VA so will be focused on zone 7-ish gardens. They also have a Facebook page by the same name.

I've listened to the introductory podcast and it's a getting-to-know us conversation about natives and who the hosts are.

Check it out!


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